Self Reflection Activity


For things to change, YOU must change first.  So begin each morning by asking yourself, “Why do I strongly believe what I believe?” Constantly challenge your beliefs. It’s this type of self-questioning that keeps creativity alive.

Journaling gives you the power and insight to learn more about yourself every day. Through a process of self-discovery, inner exploration, experimentation, application, practice, repetition and reinforcement, you WILL access your true self.

Set a specific time each day to journal. Establish it as a part of your normal routine and regard it as a cornerstone of your self-awareness process. Begin by exploring some of your conscious beliefs:

What do you believe about yourself?

What do you believe about other people?

What do you believe about life?

Now, evaluate those beliefs:

What does this belief give me?

What does it open up?

What does this belief cost me?

What does it shut down?

What would happen if you released your beliefs?  Here are some examples:

If I gave up perfectionism, I would…

If I gave up having to be in control, I would…

If I gave up having to be right, I would…

If I gave up believing I’m responsible for everything, I would…