Coaching Programs


The programs Mark has designed focus on developing authentic leadership skills through a personalized self-discovery process. He coaches, inspires and empowers clients to alter their way of thinking about themselves, their work, and their world in order to create positive change for themselves, their organizations, and the people they lead.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.”
– John C. Maxwell

Mark’s coaching with clients specifically addresses the “human side of leadership” through his 7 principles of Authentic Leadership – integrity, trust, responsibility, commitment, accountability, acknowledgement, and completion. As clients begin to live these principles, they achieve remarkable, sustainable results.


Every client is a unique individual with different beliefs, habits, and way of being. That’s why Mark personalizes each program for the individual. His programs are experiential in nature.

Clients who complete the Leadership Coaching program can continue their growth journey with a Self-Mastery Program. This self-directed program includes materials and weekly assignments, as well as the opportunity to participate in an Executive Dialogue Group with like-minded graduates.

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”
– Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook)

As a client of the Integrity Coach, each week your program will include:

  • One-on-one, high-level executive coaching by Mark Wright
  • Focus on Self-discovery through experimentation, reflection and self-awareness
  • Experiential activities designed to assist you identify limiting beliefs, behaviors and habits.
  • Selected readings Mark believes will benefit you
  • Transformation of your thoughts, words and action – in short, integrity!


The long-term success of every organization is directly associated with the effectiveness of its leaders. Authentic leadership is the last sustainable competitive advantage and it requires integrity. It means being open, honest, vulnerable and genuine. Mark Wright coaches Presidents and CEOs in being values-driven leaders.

Mark possesses an innate ability to coach CEOs in identifying, analyzing, and confronting behavioral weaknesses and habits in a compassionate manner and holds them accountable to make changes that lead them to be more effective. With Mark’s guidance, CEOs learn how to create value and express themselves in an authentic, truthful and trustworthy manner.

CEOs have tremendous responsibilities. Effective CEOs inspire their leadership team to be  authentic leaders which ultimately contributes to their bottom line.

In his one-on-one CEO coaching programs, Mark assists CEOs in crystallizing their understanding of their specific responsibilities. He guides them in strategic thinking, vision and ability to execute.

Program Highlights including learning to:

  • Elevate your level of self-awareness
  • Inspire and empower others to realize their full potential
  • Understand the significance of living a life of Integrity
  • Lead from a place of humility
  • Live a life of meaning and purpose
  • Lead selflessly and for the good of the company
  • Become an extraordinary mentor and coach to your leaders
  • Master your negative emotions, pride, ego and feelings
  • Maintain a work/life balance
  • Create a deep sense of gratitude
  • Reduce and effectively manage stress level with less worry and anxiety
  • Build relatedness, confidence and trust with your Board of Directors

Mark provides you with the tools, resources and methodology to achieve self-awareness through a personalized process of self-discovery, inner exploration, experimentation, implementation, practice, repetition and re-enforcement. When these components are brought forth on a consistent, regular basis, your level of self-awareness will elevate, allowing you to change the self-conditioned, patterned, unconscious programing of your mind thus allowing you to make conscious choices to change how you think.


To become an authentic leader and to be the highest expression of yourself, you need a teacher, mentor or coach to hold you accountable by holding up a mirror that reflects your behavior. It is only then that you can identify and choose to bring forth the change that is needed to live a life of fulfillment, self-reliance, love, compassion, kindness, joy, harmony, peace and happiness.

“The supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity.”
– Dwight D. Eisenhower


The Team Leadership Coaching Program, based on teams of four participants, has been specifically designed to build and develop trust, synergy, authentic communication, co-operation, collaboration and relatedness. The four team members learn to quickly develop open, candid, integral and harmonious relationships with each other, which in turn aids in breaking down barriers.

The program offers a unique opportunity for the development and sharing of ideas and insights that promote authentic communication, growth and performance among team members, their departments, and their organizations.

End of Program Team Celebration

Commencement Dinner for a Team Leadership Coaching Program






Program Structure:

  • 10-week personalized team coaching program for high-potential emerging leaders
  • Two, one-hour personalized, one-on-one coaching sessions with Mark Wright for each individual team member during first two weeks of the program to review their personal goals and objectives
  • Weekly, 2-hour team coaching sessions with Mark Wright via teleconference
  • Team commencement dinner meeting to develop connectedness, relatedness, rapport and trust with one another
  • Comprehensive evaluation process, involving electronic surveys of six of the participant’s direct reports, peers, or supervisors
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire to identity each team member’s personal goals and objectives
  • “Buddy System” designed to hold participants accountable to each other
  • Optional participation in the post-graduate Self-Mastery Program, a self-directed, practical course of study.

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