Client Stories


Adam Simms
Co-Owner/President, Price-Simms Group

I have recently completed the Authentic Leadership for CEOs Coaching Program, facilitated by Mark Wright.

I have made many successful business investments over the years: real estate, businesses, technology, human resources, etc.  However, the best investment I have ever made was the investment in myself through my coaching partnership with Mark Wright.

Through Mark’s coaching I am a more effective, strategic leader and businessman, improved communication skills, being present in the moment, seeking feedback, clarity and truth. I also have a better relationship with my wife, children, business, community, and most importantly, myself.

Mark helped me discover my core purpose which has energized me so that I now live up to my full potential, and help others do the same.

I now understand the power of integrity, I have greater clarity, and peace of mind in my life.

Richard T. Poe
Executive Vice President Financial Services, Farm Credit Mid-America

As a senior leader in our organization with 30 years of experience, I will have to confess that I was a bit skeptical of Mark’s program at first. I had some confidence in my leadership ability and had participated in many leadership development programs at various levels. However, our $17 billion organization with 975 employees was starting a new course with a new CEO. Maybe not the best time to entertain a personal venture like this but with the encouragement of my new CEO, Bill Johnson (graduate of the program) and my interest in working in partnership with Bill to help lead our organization to a new level, I investigated and agreed to the journey. Wow, what a journey it was and still is!

Quite honestly, it has been the most impactful life training that I have attended. I use the term life training intentionally as I feel leadership training doesn’t do the curriculum or Mark’s work justice. Mark has an uncanny ability to understand people and identify ways to guide students through the maze of issues that life presents. Mark’s passion for teaching and learning allowed him to assume my seat as a student and thus provide him a bird’s eye view of where I was coming from.

And the view was mostly about me. Not something I had expected but it became apparent very quickly where Mark was going. I can’t say enough about how the work has created greater authenticity and awareness in me and thus my leadership. The combination of one on one teaching, reading, experiential exercises and conversation created a learning environment that I had not been exposed to before and allowed me to create a better version of myself. It has had a positive effect on not only me but my wife, family and peers.

The value of the course to me personally would be enough to warrant the work that is required; and make no mistake, there is significant commitment and work however as with most other greater rewards in life, they don’t come easy. The benefit has far exceeded both monetary and time commitment.

If you are considering this program I would urge you to take some extra time and read through all the testimonials as I did. There just aren’t many risks in life that one can take that will pay out at the level this program with Mark does. The payout isn’t only in monetary terms but more importantly the life balance and value based teaching that Mark brings to the table to enrich your life and the lives of those you touch, forever.

The experience for me was highly personal and challenging, but one of the most rewarding of my life. Mark Wright uses feedback from peers, supervisors, spouses…however you choose to design it, to learn about your strengths and opportunities for growth. He uncovers weaknesses you cannot see or choose not to see, “blind spots”, which are holding you back from being your best self. He then customizes a program for you, and believe me, it’s personal. He will confront you to face your fears, to come to terms with those things you’ve wanted to push away. 

It takes courage. It takes heart. It takes effort and an open mind. But I promise you, if you respect the program and give to it with a full heart, it will be a life changing opportunity…one of the single most impactful things you will ever do. 

I have never met anyone with the talent Mark has for understanding the human persuasion. He is uniquely qualified to lead the change in your life. I acknowledge him for his courage, grace, kindness, honesty, persistence, discipline, and above all, his commitment to living into his life’s own purpose. 


Tim McDonald
President & CEO, AgTexas Farm Credit Services

I have completed the Authentic Leadership for CEOs Coaching Program. As an employee of the Farm Credit System for over 25 years, serving as CEO of our Association for the past 10 years, I regret that I did not enroll in an executive leadership coaching relationship with Mark Wright earlier in my career. The benefits to me personally, spiritually and professionally have exceeded my expectations.

Some of the personal benefits include a healthier work / life balance, better nutrition and a more healthful lifestyle including proper rest, exercise and hydration. Mark’s program helped open up channels of communication with my wife and our children, making those relationships better and stronger. I have grasped the importance of slowing my life down, decluttering and improving my continual focus on my relationship with God.

Professionally, I have grown in my understanding of a CEO’s role. I am more willing to delegate tasks to others and trust them to get the job done. I now understand that “rescuing” others is a disservice to their growth and development. Mark has helped me embrace a broader meaning of integrity and how I should conduct myself to earn the respect of the team I have been tasked to lead. I am engaged in thinking more strategically, and less operationally; and I am better equipped and committed to have timely crucial conversations.

Reflecting upon the Program, I have been able to bring about more positive change in my life than ever before. Mark’s program requires a significant amount of time and work, however it is overwhelming rewarding. The Authentic Leadership for CEOs Coaching Program has truly been a life changing experience and I am grateful to the Board of AgTexas for making this investment in me.

I am honored and consider it a privilege to recommend the Authentic Leadership for CEOs Coaching Program.

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